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Professional Development Tools


APA Professional Development Workshop
"Creating a Customer-Oriented Development Review System"
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AICP Planners Training Service Exclusive
A Manager's Planning Guide to Improving the Development Review System"

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HVAC Handbook

HVAC Handbook for the Engineer and Architect
Reference tool for instant access to information needed for
thousands of design problems in one affordable book

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Discussion Topics

"Suspend Disbelief"

The Creative Team Member

Who is Your Sponsor for Performance Improvement?

Who is Your Sponsor for Performance Improvement?

Do You Have the Right People for Service Delivery?

Is Government Different Than the Private Sector?

Surveying Your Customers

Top Customer Themes for Successful Service

Creating Public/Private Partnerships

A Recipe for Successful Service Delivery

Effective Performance Measurement

Is Your Development System "Project-Oriented"?

"Trust the Process": A Primer on Change Management

Incremental Change Works Best (Client Perspective)

Development Services System Parts

Attitude & Culture: The Hidden Culprit (Client Perspective)

Funding for Development Services Functions

What is Your Technology Plan?

Do You Need 3rd Party Help?

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