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Horizon Centre, Inc.
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What We Offer

Horizon Centre, Inc. specializes in performance improvement within the development processing system.  We help government organizations understand what their customers expect and in turn help them evaluate and redesign their core business processes and culture

We understand that to be successful, root system problems must be clearly understood and defined.  All too often, organizations address the symptoms of problems and the resulting change does not yield anticipated or adequate improvements. Horizon Centre's facilitation services are focused on helping our clients reach their objectives and avoid typical pitfalls.

Company Profile

Horizon Centre is the nation's leading consulting firm providing innovative customer-oriented development processing system solutions for city and county government agencies across the United States.  Since being founded in 1998, the firm has been at the forefront of challenging government agencies to think differently and approach service delivery and associated improvements from the customer's perspective.  The company's unique project-oriented system operational design model is not offered by any other firm in the nation.

Company President

George N. Arimes, is a registered professional engineer with over thirty-two years of public and private sector experience in the land development and building arena.  He has managed multi-million dollar municipal government organizations in Austin, Texas and San Diego, California. He has extensive hands-on experience in managing comprehensive and complex system change, innovative business process re-engineering, strategic change management, permit streamlining, organizational analysis, integration of new technologies, and educational seminars and training. He has served as a faculty member for the American Planning Association's (APA) Planning and Zoning Institute and as a speaker performed many professional development workshops at APA national conferences and state chapter levels.


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